I hold postdoctoral appointments at the Decision and Infrastructure Sciences Division at Argonne National Laboratory and the Consortium for Advanced Science and Engineering at The University of Chicago.
I received my Ph.D. in Decision Sciences from INSEAD in August 2016.

In my research, I use different computational and analytical methods to study information diffusion and decision behavior in complex systems, applied to big questions in public health and information domains.

The central methodological theme in my work is the use of both empirical and first-principle based computational modeling techniques (such as agent-based models) to augment traditional theoretical, empirical and experimental analyses.

I model the diffusion of information, opinions, and rumors, across complex networks, measuring population-level outcomes as a function of dynamic micro-level interactions and adaptive behavior.

My work spans two general application areas using complementary approaches.
First, I study an exemplar phenomenon of rumor diffusion on social media through an interpretivist lens, using theories of social contagion, diffusion, and network dynamics.
Second, I use a combination of empirical science, and formal science (particularly system science) approaches to develop an understanding of the link between information diffusion and behavior change.

I am on the academic job market for tenure-track Assistant Professor positions beginning in Fall 2020.

E-mail: CKaligotla at UChicago dot edu
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